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My Story...

HARP has many thousands of success stories and possibly 99.9% of the people involved in these episodes simply get on with their lives having been assisted by HARP into an independent lifestyle and very few share their experience of Homelessness with others.

Becoming Homeless under any circumstance is not usually something people want to discuss with others in wishing to put that particular scenario behind them, so maybe this is why so little is widely known about the tragic ramifications that are placed upon an individual whose life has spiralled out of control as they hit rock bottom and become Homeless.

HARP reaches out to the community to create an awareness of the Homelessness issues that exist within our region and people are generally surprised, shocked and sympathetic on being informed of this social dilemma in their own town.

HARP has proved that by giving regular talks to various organisations, including Churches and Schools, that we do receive solid regular support of which we are continually extremely grateful for.

We know that our presentations really do have an impact by telling the real story of tragic situations people endure that lead to Homelessness, but the most impactive reactions are always received when a former service user explains their own personal first hand experiences.

It takes a very brave person to admit they have a problem. It take a braver person to seek help in addressing that problem. However, it takes an even braver person to stand up in front of a room full of strangers and talk about the most personal and moving darker moments of their life experiences.

Our colleague Mike Relton talks about his own particular journey in the following short video clip that was filmed at the Essex Community Foundation’s Annual Presentation Evening in May 2011 hosted by Lord Petre, the Lord Lieutenant of Essex, at Ingatestone Hall.

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